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Christian Cerna - Parker offers an array of specialty services tailor made for the LGBT individual. His specialty though, is relating to and connecting with gay men in particular. These services are intended for the person that is hoping to make a positive change in their life. They are also perfectly suited for the person fresh out of treatment and transitioning to a new life in recovery. 

Online services or face to face, personal interaction. 

Based in New York City, and can travel anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. 


Services offered:


LGBT specific recovery coaching

LGBT specific sober companionship

LGBT specific mentoring 

For more information, please contact us.

Christian launched Gay & Sober in 2016. Before then he had adventures in the fashion/marketing world of New York. In 2009 he helped grow Gay & Sober's presence on social media which then developed into the organization as it's known today. With a yearning to help others full time, in 2018 he decided to make a career change and become a Certified Life & Recovery Coach. This fulfilling path utilizes his people skills, networking knowhow, and personal long term recovery experience to help people.

Professional Training: CPC from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California. 

Continuing Education: CSAC from the State of New York. 


1. We do not pay or receive payment for inbound our outbound referrals. We do not exchange money or favors with interventionists, detox facilities, rehabs, treatment facilities, sober living, “rehab review” aggregator websites, or any other providers. All referrals are based solely on reputation, social media advertising, word of mouth, and from the clients themselves. 

2. We do not make lofty promises of an easy cure or a permanent recovery. We advocate recovery through participation and engagement in evidence-based recovery methods such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, participation and engagement in twelve step groups or other recovery fellowships such as SMART recovery, and medical or mental health assistance.

*Though this is featured on the Gay & Sober website, it is a separate business service from the nonprofit Gay & Sober Inc.  



Christian Cerna - Parker, CPC


Thank You!

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